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Mazatech Srl

Mazatech is a brand new company, founded by a team of young professionals who have been working together developing technologies for realtime vector graphics, since 1998. The company mission is to innovate into vector graphics field, taking advantage also of accelerated 3D chipsets and GPUs. We believe that near future is going to hit this way, at all levels (desktop, handheld, mobile and so on). We recognize open standards as being the key in this field, so we actively support standards like OpenVG, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Java(FX), Flash, SVG and others.
Mazatech develops the technology for enabling accelerated high quality vector graphics everywhere.


Office Address:
Via Livatino, 2
47020 Longiano (FC)

Phone / Fax:
+39 0547 57435

General information: info@amanith.org

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