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Amanith 0.2 released!
Rimini, 12-15-2005

Amanith Framework v0.2 is out

( Crossplatform & Opensource C++ Vector Graphic Framework )

Downloads are available from Official Download Page or from Subversion Repository at BerliOS.

Here's a list of main changes:
  • Added drawboard (in OpenVG/SVG style) class: current version is implemented on top of OpenGL, going from OpenGL 1.1 to OpenGL 2.0, using extensions where available and fragment programs too. This lead to an accelerated drawboard that exploits all hardware features present on graphic board to achieve the best possible performance, without renounce to visual quality.
    High level features:
    • The entire drawboard is adaptive, 3 quality levels are available:
      • LOW
      • NORMAL
      • HIGH
    • Logical viewport can be modified independently by the physical one, at any time.
    • Shapes can be stroked and/or filled, independently.
    • Stroke can be solid or dashed and also stroke thickness can be changed.
    • Supported stroke joins are:
      • BEVEL
      • ROUND
      • MITER
    • Supported stroke caps are:
      • BUTT
      • SQUARE
      • ROUND
    • Supported drawing styles are:
      • COLOR
      • PATTERN
    • Supported color interpolation modes in gradients are:
      • CONSTANT
      • LINEAR
      • HERMITE
    • Supported spread methods in gradients and patterns are:
      • PAD
      • REPEAT
      • REFLECT
    • Gradients and patterns have their own transformation matrix.
    • The opacity is always supported in colors, gradients, gradients color keys and patterns.
    • Group opacity is also supported, it needs a 4bits (or more) stencil buffer.
    • Clip paths are supported, they need a 4bits (or more) stencil buffer.
    • Stroke and fill can be drawn using any of supported styles, independently.
    • Supported geometric primitives are:
      • LINE
      • CIRCLE
      • ELLIPSE
      • POLYGON
      • PATH
    • Path can be specified using SVG commands or directly with SVG string.
    • All Amanith curves and path can be drawn directly.
    • Every shape can be transformed specifying a model-view matrix.
  • Added a new example that shows drawboard capabilities.
  • Added a new tutorial that explains drawboard API.
  • Added ellipse curve class (derived from GCurve2D class).
  • Added antialias (FSAA) to all examples.
  • Ported Amanith to MacOS X Tiger (using XCode 2.2).
  • Fixed a bug into GBezierCurve2D class, that prevent correct flattening of cubic curves.
  • Fixed matrix polar decomposition.
For the full list of changes, please look at CHANGELOG file into Amanith package.
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Comment by  Anonymous  ( WEB ) on December 16, 2005
Any self-extracting executable/zip files coming out for the install?
Comment by  Ska  ( WEB ) on December 16, 2005
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